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Head of Product for Proof-of-Estimation (PoE) Protocol Created foundational Product strategy and documentation with founder for a Prediction Market based on published research.  Some of these documents include VIsion and Strategy documents, Market Requirements, Product Requirements, Product Roadmap, and Go to Market plan.  

Worked closely with founder to research, analyze and creatively collaborate on a clear and competitive Product vision for this emerging protocol in the Solana ecosystem.

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Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 2.57.23 PM.png
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Personal career website and portfolio, product management, including resume, blog and social media, etc. 

Liquibet: Chainlink Hackathon Grand Prize Winner

Envisioned, designed, product and project managed, pitched, and wrote significant amount of backend smart contracts for Liquibet, a degen gambling and lottery game with liquidation/redistribution mechanics, which tracks an underlying financial assetto determine which players win and lose.

See my presentation in the video!

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Security Standards Co-Editor and Contributor, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, EthTrust 

Contributed technical blockchain knowledge to Ethereum Enterprise Alliance's Web3 security standards documentation in a cross-company collaborative team.

Helped influence format, style, and scope of security certification standards to best serve the user while contributing standards content. 

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