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I am a former backend software engineer who transitioned into product management. My journey has been an exciting blend of technology and business, allowing me to leverage my technical expertise to drive product innovation. I am passionate about creating intuitive and ergonomic products that solve meaningful problems. My portfolio showcases my career progression and the impactful projects I've been a part of, as well as my technical and non-technical Web3 blog. Feel free to explore and learn more about my professional journey.

I have had a diverse range of industry experience, from Apple to telemedicine to Web3, not to mention a previous career in biomedical research and policy work spanning the nonprofit, government, academic, and for-profit worlds. This has afforded unique insights, skills, and experiences that I have brought to my tech career.

When I'm not at work, my favorite activities are hiking, dance, reading (sci-fi, nonfiction, etc.), and spending quality time with friends.

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morganjweaver [atmark]


Seattle, Washington

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