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Favorite Resources

1. Hyperdrive Leadership's learning library I attended a webinar on OKR's with Adam Asch and was totally blown away by the clarity--as a developer, OKRs had been just more biz-speak until I watched this! It really goes into *why* we use OKRs and what they should accomplish. So I suggest starting there as it's the first in the content library.

2. Productside's webinars are also great resources, very relevant:

3. Every article I've read so far on has been excellent--lots of great content by really qualified authors. Longform is great for getting into some of the deeper and more technical aspects of Product.

4. has some great blog articles such as this one on Opportunity-Solution Trees:

5. Anything from Ravi Mehta, such as this PM's guide to developing oneself and one's team: My thanks to Stephen Wang for this one!

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